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The Psychology of Urbanity in Berlin: Urban Fieldwork and Photographic Essay

10 Feb
Top view of Berlin from Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower

Picture 1. Top view of Berlin from Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower


One way to comprehend a city like Berlin is to look at it “from afar and above” as I did from the Panoramapunkt at Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower (Hubbard, 2006, p. 97). From the Kollhoff-Tower Berlin looked like an ideally planned and rational metropolis because buildings and roads evoked a sense of a geometric perfection (see Picture 1). From this altitude I transferred into a voyeur who might be merely aware of the physical mechanisms of the city. To conceive Berlin as thoroughly as possible without a pretense of total generalization, I spend four days promenading the city. From below I engaged with city cultures, confronted issues of inclusion and exclusion, and perceived the psychology of the city. How does urbanity – both city life and (development of) urban areas – influence and is influenced by the dwellers in Berlin – one’s identity, attitudes, cognition, behavior, relationships, and imagination? What are the mechanism of inclusion and exclusion of people? How are some cultures (re)presented in the city landscape? I attempt to answer the above questions by means of photographs and interviews that documented some sides of urbanity in Berlin. Continue reading


Light, sound and innovative expo in Nijmegen

28 Oct

I was thrilled with joy while visiting the Oddstream Multimedia Festival in Valkhofpark, Nijmegen. A lot of artists, innovators, musicians and citizens interacted at this event full of creativity. The festival housed peculiar artistic forms such as the light flowers and “The Value of a Fragment” which the public could contemplate free of charge.  I was fascinated from the light and sound show which was displayed on the old church in the park. Undoubtedly I was also nicely surprised to see a 3D printer and how it printed a solid three dimensional object from a digital model.

Light Flowers

Light Flowers

The Value of a Fragment - the art creates a visual illusion

The Value of a Fragment – the art creates a visual illusion

light and sound show

light and sound show

3D printer

3D printer


Cities would remain an enduring legacy

28 Mar

Within a human lifetime, the face of Earth has been transformed. Cities now dominate the landscape, and even if people disappeared tomorrow, cities would remain one of the Anthropocene’s most visible and enduring legacies.