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The Psychology of Urbanity in Berlin: Urban Fieldwork and Photographic Essay

10 Feb
Top view of Berlin from Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower

Picture 1. Top view of Berlin from Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower


One way to comprehend a city like Berlin is to look at it “from afar and above” as I did from the Panoramapunkt at Postdamer Platz Kollhoff-Tower (Hubbard, 2006, p. 97). From the Kollhoff-Tower Berlin looked like an ideally planned and rational metropolis because buildings and roads evoked a sense of a geometric perfection (see Picture 1). From this altitude I transferred into a voyeur who might be merely aware of the physical mechanisms of the city. To conceive Berlin as thoroughly as possible without a pretense of total generalization, I spend four days promenading the city. From below I engaged with city cultures, confronted issues of inclusion and exclusion, and perceived the psychology of the city. How does urbanity – both city life and (development of) urban areas – influence and is influenced by the dwellers in Berlin – one’s identity, attitudes, cognition, behavior, relationships, and imagination? What are the mechanism of inclusion and exclusion of people? How are some cultures (re)presented in the city landscape? I attempt to answer the above questions by means of photographs and interviews that documented some sides of urbanity in Berlin. Continue reading


HELP! Stats and Psychology

25 Mar

As a future research in psychology, I encounter regularly challenges and unresolved questions. Recently I discovered the weblog of Jeromy Anglim who wrote more than 100 logs about data analysis,research methods, software and his research.

Have you ever wondered how to write a research review, sections of your paper, or report data?

Perhaps you would like to know how to transfer your raw data from Inquisit to SPSS.

Jeromy had some tips for me, maybe for you too.

Moreover, you can even ask him questions.

Currently, I am exploring what he offers and I concider that he really provides a bridge between statistics and psychology. His posts are very comprehensible compared to some textbooks.

Enjoy Jeromy Anglim’s Blog: Psychology and Statistics!

The Geography of Metrosexualism

15 Jan
New York - a global city

New York – a global city

New York is a global city which has been conceptualized as a site for complex global networks of governmental and non-governmental organizations, markets, business, and migrants (Kim, 2008). Global cities, or also known as world cities, are characterized by the FIRE sector – finance, insurance and real estates that generate large profit margins.  Not only global cities have become special kinds of spaces for generation of capital, but also have they become a crucial site for the construction of a socio-cultural identity and lifestyle of metrosexualism (Knox, 2002).

The aim of my post is to give insights on why the culture of the metrosexual occurred in the global city. I will hypothesize on how the epidemic of metrosexualism started by discussing the importance of David Beckham for promoting the lifestyle. The agents of various urban forms in the global city are important part of the discussion alongside with Castells’ (1984) theory of urban social change.

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What is a metrosexual?

29 Dec


metrosexual, photo in complex man magazine

a metrosexual, photo in complex man magazine

I encountered  metrosexualism for the first time in a Bulgarian magazine Egoist some years ago. Then I gained some knowledge about the culture of the metrosexual. However at the time I didn’t quiet understand the post-modern phenomenon. Years later I make a theoretical attempt to clarify what a metrosexual is.

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The Beginning of the Senior Year

30 Aug

Here it is the beginning of the academic year.  I am already a senior at Roosevelt Academy,  and I almost overslept for my first class at 13:45.  What a start. It could have been funny.

Anyways, I had Lifespan and Developmental Psychology with Mrs Wiese. It is not the first course I take with her because I followed Abnormal and Clinical Psychology before and I had some concerns about the assessment methods. Luckily she changed that. It is not the only reason I am looking forward to study the changes and con stances in the development of humans.  My interest throughout the course would be the on going debate about the nature versus nurture. While investigating the problem, I would like to  focus on the influence of culture on the development of individuals.  My classmates look interested in the field and everybody has some different ideas about future specialization and research.

Another good point today is that I am not at work and I have the time to be again with all my housemates. We did shopping and we are going to have a house dinner. I missed the moments together during the summer.  I am happy to socialize with students again.

I have three more classes this semester: Advanced Cultural Studies, New Issues in Contemporary Sociology and Introduction to Global Studies. I am looking forward to the first two, but I do not know what to expect from the Global Studies.  Soon I will share my experience.

OK,  I stop because I am about to have dinner.

When angles turn into demons

30 Jun

What determines human behavior? Are people guided by inner determinants when they behave good or bad? To what extent do outer determinants also play a role in the way we think, act and feel? Scientist might agree that both dispositional and situational factors are important, but can one prevail over the other? I wondered whether naturally good people can turn evil? How is this (im)possible?

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