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From Nijmegen to Portland and Back

25 Aug

If you have ever witnessed a man in a kilt and a Dart Vader mask playing the bagpipes on a unicycle, you’ve most probably been to Portland, OR.

The city I’d never thought I would visit, I did not want to leave.

My story begins in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. On a sunny day in August 2011 I met my interdisciplinary think-thank for the first time to work on the project Urban Regions in the Deltas.  Together with folks from the Netherlands,  the USA, Germany, Sweden and Indonesia, I examined wicket problem and frameworks for sustainable development in urban delta regions. To finalize the project,  I was sent for one week to Portland in April 2012 by Radboud Honours Academy.

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Delta cities – adaptation to rapid change

28 Mar

Not until recently I became discovering the myriad problems which delta cities experience. Being part of international think thank dealing with wicked problems* in urban delta areas, I encountered many challenges for water management, urban planning, economy, heath, culture and politics.

Delta cities are centers for growing population and they are especially vulnerable to rising of water sea levels due to climate change. Consequently, millions of people are exposed to the risk of extreme floods and storms.

Despite the numerous attempts of humankind to tame nature, it is now time to think differently, share knowledge and embrace adaptation approach to deal with the rapid changes in urban delta areas. The two videos present the problems of delta cities and the importance of adaptation.


*wicked problems –  problems so complex that any solution leads to new issues because of complex feedback effects, where even the best option cannot ultimately resolve the problem, but will expose further issues requiring attention.

HELP! Stats and Psychology

25 Mar

As a future research in psychology, I encounter regularly challenges and unresolved questions. Recently I discovered the weblog of Jeromy Anglim who wrote more than 100 logs about data analysis,research methods, software and his research.

Have you ever wondered how to write a research review, sections of your paper, or report data?

Perhaps you would like to know how to transfer your raw data from Inquisit to SPSS.

Jeromy had some tips for me, maybe for you too.

Moreover, you can even ask him questions.

Currently, I am exploring what he offers and I concider that he really provides a bridge between statistics and psychology. His posts are very comprehensible compared to some textbooks.

Enjoy Jeromy Anglim’s Blog: Psychology and Statistics!

Master Plan: Accomplished

29 Sep


An year ago I thought that I would be engulfed by a black hole because I was uncertain about my future. Actually I was not sucked into any black whole or whatsoever. Lucky me! I had a master plan after all. Remember?

Because I followed my master plan, I am now a master student of the research program Behavioural Science at Radboud University in Nijmegen. If you wonder what may help you when you have to choose your academic path, consider reading the following tips and my personal experience.

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Big Achievement (B.A)

29 Aug

This is it. The rite of passage is complete.  The clip depicts my last excitement as a student of Roosevelt Academy. On June 3rd I received my bachelor diploma; it’s my personal big achievement.  Not only have I acquired a new status because I can now add B.A. behind my name, but also can I share an incredible experience as a student in a small liberal arts college.

In august 2008 I left Bulgaria with high level of uncertainty and curiosity. I was separated from my previous world in Bulgaria;
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Master Plan

13 Nov

What will happen with me after my college education? The future looks like a black hole which engulfs many seniors. Will I be engulfed by that black whole, too? The anxiety is a normal psychological response which I accept with stoicism. The reason is that the transitional periods during the lifespan are great opportunity to get to know myself better and explore new horizons; therefore I do not worry that much. I have a master plan.

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