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Jambo Africa!

7 Apr

Jambo Africa!




Welcome to Africa! It is mesmerizing, but it is not real! This is a mere copy of Africa situated in the forest near the Dutch city Nijmegen. The Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal simulates an exotic experience and celebrates the commodification of culture. Visitors seem to enjoy walking inside the recreated settlements of several African countries. I wonder whether the kinds, who were happily running around, will learn that the neoliberal logic impacted the indigenous culture in Africa. It is a pity that one day some cultures might only be found in museums such as those.


Big Achievement (B.A)

29 Aug

This is it. The rite of passage is complete.  The clip depicts my last excitement as a student of Roosevelt Academy. On June 3rd I received my bachelor diploma; it’s my personal big achievement.  Not only have I acquired a new status because I can now add B.A. behind my name, but also can I share an incredible experience as a student in a small liberal arts college.

In august 2008 I left Bulgaria with high level of uncertainty and curiosity. I was separated from my previous world in Bulgaria;
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The Geography of Metrosexualism

15 Jan
New York - a global city

New York – a global city

New York is a global city which has been conceptualized as a site for complex global networks of governmental and non-governmental organizations, markets, business, and migrants (Kim, 2008). Global cities, or also known as world cities, are characterized by the FIRE sector – finance, insurance and real estates that generate large profit margins.  Not only global cities have become special kinds of spaces for generation of capital, but also have they become a crucial site for the construction of a socio-cultural identity and lifestyle of metrosexualism (Knox, 2002).

The aim of my post is to give insights on why the culture of the metrosexual occurred in the global city. I will hypothesize on how the epidemic of metrosexualism started by discussing the importance of David Beckham for promoting the lifestyle. The agents of various urban forms in the global city are important part of the discussion alongside with Castells’ (1984) theory of urban social change.

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What is a metrosexual?

29 Dec


metrosexual, photo in complex man magazine

a metrosexual, photo in complex man magazine

I encountered  metrosexualism for the first time in a Bulgarian magazine Egoist some years ago. Then I gained some knowledge about the culture of the metrosexual. However at the time I didn’t quiet understand the post-modern phenomenon. Years later I make a theoretical attempt to clarify what a metrosexual is.

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One Lost Cosmonaut in the Forgotten Regions of Russia

20 Jul

Who is he? Where is he lost? Why did he go there?

The lost cosmonaut is Daniel Kalder, a Scottish novelist, who hits the road for a challenging journey to the forgotten places of post socialist Russia. Unlike the average tourist who prefers visiting exotic places where the people are well distinguished and their culture is well preserved, Kalder travels to the ethnic republics of Russia where the ingenious people, their customs, traditions, language and heritage are claimed to be disappearing. To discover the truth about the inhabitants of those republics or something else he does not fully understands, Kalder boldly goes to Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Mari El and Udmurtia – places where nobody visits.

Lost Cosmonaut

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