Keep an eye on your digital footprint!

20 Jan

The loss of privacy is becoming profound in the globalized world. The boundaries between private and public life are being blurred. Because the Internet and the technological advancements are embedded into the life of the postmodern individual, each of us should be concerned with what we upload and download.  Throughout social media like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, weblogs, forums  and so forth, we are unconsciously building up a lifestyle and identity which may constantly be of interest to a third party.

I was wandering how much our statuses, friend lists, pictures, and entries can tell about ourselves. Moreover, is the information, which we share, enough to reveal our personality, competences, interests and potential? Are we truly what we share online? No matter how you answer the above questions, one is for sure – we should safeguard what, how and where someone else accesses our ‘cyberpersona’.

Take in mind that our profiles, for example, may be viewed by a prospective employer, current employer, or an admission committee of a university. Therefore, the admission committees or the employers might evaluate us not only on the bases  of our CV, motivation letter or references, but also on our digital footprint. That is why we should take care of out digital footprint because it might be a powerful tool for impression management.

Remember, from now on, you are what you upload and everybody can google you!


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