The Beginning of the Senior Year 2

3 Sep

As I promised I will share my impression from my other three courses. All of them are part of the social science department and complement my knowledge about society, institutions, geography and culture. Despite the fact that I have them in one day which is tiresome, I am pleased to attend all of them.

I like cultural studies because it brings sociology, politics, psychology and economics together. I am looking forward to challenges some of the models that are established in other social sciences, but we are going to look into phenomena from different and complex angle.  By discussing culture and its sense for society, the course will examine communication, representation, power, inequalities, topographies, time, history, politics, cultural bodies, subcultures and visual cultures. I hope that Kasper Poblocki will make the course fun and entertaining. Judging by the first class, I could say that there will be active class participation. I am eager to join discussions.

New Issues in Contemporary Sociology is the course I subscribed for without  wondering at all. Dr Vazques is one of the most easygoing and affable instructors at RA. He is always smiling and that easily comforts the class. His course is based on the idea of democratic teaching which means that students and the instructor teach. Discussions and debates were already lead during my first class. We discussed modernity and genealogy. By modernity we understand the project within enlightenment characterized  the technological advancement and culture of dominance. External critiques to modernity can be found in decolonial theories from  Latin America. The internal critique is brought by Foucault who will be actively discussed this semester. Foucault speaks about the history of power and dominance. He states that the knowledge we believe in has a history. He traces that history and names its genealogy (generating  the ideas of universality).  In fact there is no universal truth it is socially constructed  by the history of power. alongside with Foucault we will pay attention to names of decolonial thinking, symbolic dimension of social life, non-European perspective of the world, society of simulation, post – structuralism, feminism, how the sate exclude individuals and so on. It is going to be a very challenging and interesting course.

The pleasant surprise this year is the the course Global Studies which I did not plan to take but due to the fact that RA canceled one of the course I was subscribed I had to choose an alternative. I didn’t know what to expect from the course, but Poblocki (yes he teaches two of y course) garbed my attention.  Throughout the course will not build up sociological models, but will use concepts because we are not in a regular science which tries to reduce the complexity of society to something simple. We will take stereotypes and show complexity. The concept doesn’t have any meaning-it is like a window. You open it and see something. Can you explain it? Throughout the course student will discuss globalization as it is apparent form the title, but also maps, perspective of our knowledge, links between knowledge and power, a lot of contradictions (like fair trade), hidden stories behind consumer choice etc.

The three course perfectly complement my interest in psychology and anthropology. Moreover, I am looking forward to look more critically over my knowledge. To be honest the required readings are a lot and complex for comprehension. Anyway, I will do my best to make a lot of sense from the new social theories and concepts. Hopefully, I might be inspired with a topic for individual research paper for my final semester.


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