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The Story of the Dish-washer

30 Sep

This is my story. It is not fictional, but a real one. It began in 2008, a month after I have  firstly arrived in the Netherlands.

For exactly two years, I have been part of the Dutch system and had the chance to witness how certain levels of the business, administration, politics and culture worked. Employed as a dishwasher in a grand cafe, I was simultaneously negotiating an identity of a student and an employee. I was an international students who contributes for the diversity in a college and  a dishwasher who occupied the lowest position in a restaurant.

The dishwasher, Het Snitzelparadijs
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Visual Culture and Its Replication

8 Sep
Rainy Thoughts

Rainy Thoughts

What interested me today is the discussion of visual culture (pictures, movies, photographs, video games) and its reproduction. The new semester has just started and I am assigned fascinating cultural and sociological text. The texts I read for my classes have hidden meaning and various interpretations. The reader, in this sense I, is bombarded with topics which can be decoded, if he is equipped with tools and competences allowing him to find the meaning of a theory. I admit I might still be ignorant for many issues in the social science department. However, I put an effort to understand the problems discussed in class. Today I try to make sense of The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Representation by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940).

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The Beginning of the Senior Year 2

3 Sep

As I promised I will share my impression from my other three courses. All of them are part of the social science department and complement my knowledge about society, institutions, geography and culture. Despite the fact that I have them in one day which is tiresome, I am pleased to attend all of them.

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