The Magic of Her Voice

16 Aug

I was stunned! I thrilled with joy while I was listening to that incredible voice.  And NO, she is not a Jamaican, but a cute Belgian young woman who performs awesome live music!

Selah Sue

Selah Sue

Her name is Selah Sue and I firstly saw her  at Zeeland Nazomerfestival in 2009. She stood alone with her guitar on the stage in front of the audience. At the beginning I underestimated her because I doubted that she was able to make a good show. BUT, I was totally wrong! Immediately after she had begone playing,  my narrow-minded ideas about show and music were completely shattered.

I have to admit that Selah Sue really impressed me with her lovely singing voice.  Her Flemish accent, which I detected in some moments, imparted   exquisite taste to her performance. The whole audience was enchanted by the show and the consequent applause proved that everybody enjoyed.

Selah Sue is a charming and lovely artist who has a unique talent. I like the way she plays and sings that is why I often listen to her singles. Undoubtedly,  I warmly recommend you other songs from her compilation. Check them out.


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