Hup Hup Holland

7 Jul

The football spirit and euphoria overwhelmed the world and my house. For two years already I have been  living in the Netherlands where the people are now eagerly anticipating every match of the national team.

My housemates and I are sincere fans of Oranje. Since Bulgarians did not qualified for the world cup I found a substitution team to support. Many international students are also big fans of the Dutch team. We all are so exited that we decorated our house with orange posters and flags. Bagijnhof 4 became known as the orange house where students gather to watch the world cup.

I am not the biggest fan of football, but I like to share the emotion with peers. Moreover, the football games lead to a social event which is fun. There is nothing better in the summer vacation than having friends around, drinking cold beer and enjoying intense football matches.

Yesterday I watched the semi-final on a big TV screen in the city center where the crowd was bigger and louder than in my house.  I enjoyed myself in the company of several Dutch friends. I saw so many happy people when the Dutch qualified for the finals. I am happy about them, too.

On 11th of July several friends and I are going to Amsterdam for the final. Because I don’t have clear memories from 1994 when Bulgarians became 4th in the world cub,  I want to witness the euphoria of the crowd in a big social setting such as the capital of the Netherlands.

I am looking forward for the big event because I will have lots of fun with many people. Hup Hup Holland, don’t go lose it baby.


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