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One Lost Cosmonaut in the Forgotten Regions of Russia

20 Jul

Who is he? Where is he lost? Why did he go there?

The lost cosmonaut is Daniel Kalder, a Scottish novelist, who hits the road for a challenging journey to the forgotten places of post socialist Russia. Unlike the average tourist who prefers visiting exotic places where the people are well distinguished and their culture is well preserved, Kalder travels to the ethnic republics of Russia where the ingenious people, their customs, traditions, language and heritage are claimed to be disappearing. To discover the truth about the inhabitants of those republics or something else he does not fully understands, Kalder boldly goes to Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Mari El and Udmurtia – places where nobody visits.

Lost Cosmonaut

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Hup Hup Holland

7 Jul

The football spirit and euphoria overwhelmed the world and my house. For two years already I have been  living in the Netherlands where the people are now eagerly anticipating every match of the national team.

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