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When angles turn into demons

30 Jun

What determines human behavior? Are people guided by inner determinants when they behave good or bad? To what extent do outer determinants also play a role in the way we think, act and feel? Scientist might agree that both dispositional and situational factors are important, but can one prevail over the other? I wondered whether naturally good people can turn evil? How is this (im)possible?

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Hello world!

30 Jun

Here it is my personal blog. Since I spend quite some time online, and read other weblogs, I decided to make my own one. The site itself does not have any specific topic. I will simply write whatever I think is worth discussing or sharing online. All publications in this blog will be in English, so many people could read and comment. Due to this virtual arena, I hope I can share ideas, discuss topic or comment events with many people some of whom I cannot meat live. Throughout the posts you might read my personal and subjective standpoints. You do not have to agree with me, and I do not have to agree with you. My writing style is not perfect, but I will do my best to improve it. Тhe following posts will be informal and sometimes formal. OK, it’s high time to stop and start blogging. Enjoy my weblog!